Acolase provides you with the most prevailing diode laser in the market. The sole distributors of Milesman premium gold standard, and Milesman Summum high-tech hair removal technology devices in Lebanon and the region.

To achieve best results in fewer sessions, Acolase promise you a technology endorsed by the International Scientific Community and an advanced system suitable for all skin types; white, tanned, and dark skin.


BLAUMAN Blue Laser, the ultimate technology to remove vascular and pigmented lesions. Download Borchure
VeinGogh, Simple, superior solution for the treatment of lower limb spider veins and telangiectasia. Download Brochure

System Specifications

Milesman Premium and Milesman Summum are 2 different models that provide same density of energy and same results, but differ only in the size of the device tip. The Milesman Summum has a distinctive 2 cm2 tip, which is double the size of Milesman Premium, allowing it a shorter session, thus a faster treatment.

Both models are highly powered and have a dual system chiller of 35 kg, with 465mm x 540mm x 642mm in dimensions. A laser of 810nm wave length and weight of 25kg, a repetition rate of 1-2-3Hz & 10Hz Mode, and a laser dimension of 400 mm X 500mm X 360 mm.

While Milesman Premium has a spot size of 10 x 10mm and a peek power of 2000 W, Milesman Summum’s has a spot size of 13.5 x 15mm with a peek power of 4000 W.